Folk-Roots West at its World Inspired Best.  A Country-Celtic-60s Rock-Jazz-Blues-Asian Fusion.    Unique, united and inspiring.        

Singer Songwriter Roman Rhodes with the Japan based Multicultural, Multinational Born Again Pagans.  Lyric Based Music with Meaning!


"Tunes that celebrate life and nature with a keen inventiveness, both musically and lyrically...evokes...California coastline vistas on warm summer nights.  (Radio Indy)

"A feast for the ears, mind and spirit," (I.M.E)

"Like a flashing, shimmering silver wall Jumping like lightening up a waterfall...  Will clear you head like a forest fire,wake your mind with the waking dreams sparking like a real live wire... Will heal your mind and heal your soul, jump in it, drink it, it will make you whole."  From the Pagan Pope:  Roman Rhodes:  music to heal your soul "The Trees Once Grew High,"  The Emergent Sea,  2009


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